Guitar Speed Trainer Pro

by flowerbud at Thursday 13th of September 2012 09:41:48 PM

Guitar Speed Trainer Pro | 3.26 MB | English

The Guitar Speed Trainer is a home study course software designed to help you develop superior speed and technique.

The first thing you need is correct information. If you want to make significant progress then you simply must know all the important facts about guitar speed.

That's why the very first thing you will do with the Guitar Speed Trainer will be learning the fundamentals.

Once you have the knowledge, the Guitar Speed Trainer then helps you translate it into action and get the best possible results in the shortest time.

For example, GST helps you measure your Speed Profile and use that information to fine-tune your exercises.

To get maximum benefit from every single minute of practice, GST uses the Ideal Speed Curve. This is a unique training strategy that ensure you always train "in the zone".

Plus much more.

System Requirements:
Win 7, Win Vi, Win XP, Win 95/98/ME, NT 4.0, Win 2000 and Win server 2003.
A sound card is required.
A high-color graphics settings is recommended to properly display the realistic fretboard on the screen.
5 Megabytes of hard disk space and at least 8 Megabytes of RAM.

Program is full version 100% working and tested.
Virus Scanned
Installation Instructions Included.

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Size 3.26 MB



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